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Westercon, Day 3: Lite Nite

Fewer parties tonight, presumably because it wasn't a holiday for many people. Lisa was beat and turned in early. I spent time in the Denver in 2008 Worldcon Bid party (thanks for the diet ginger ale!), the combined Westercon 60/61 (San Mateo/Las Vegas) parties, and the relaunched Phoenix in 2009 Westercon bid party before heading in.

One of the stranger conversations I had was when, while trying to explain some convolution in the Westercon site selection rules, Genny Dazzo dismissed it, saying, "Anything that's too complicated for me to understand shouldn't pass."

I said, "Well, a super-majority of the Business Meeting thought otherwise."

She said, "That doesn't matter; the people at the Business Meeting are a bunch of idiots."

I shrugged, "Sometimes you get that with a democracy."

"We're not a democracy!" She stormed. "It's not a government!" and she went on at some length about how "democracy" only applied to governemental entities like countries and states, not to corporate entities or things like self-governing conventions.

Well, I was about ready to just walk out on the conversation, because I think she was being unreasonable, but if you insist on saying, "A voluntary association freely entered into by mutually consenting human beings who have as a group adopted rules to bind themselves that provide for a mechanism for debate and deliberative decision making generally based on the democratic structure of the lower house of the Congress of the USA" rather than using "democracy" as a shorthand term for it, well... life's too short, even for me. Even if technically it might not be considered "democracy" because it's not a governmental system of a country or state or city, it's close enough for a first approximation.

I need to be up earlier in the morning so that we can get breakfast and also get to work work on set-up for Match Game. For the Noon showtime, I anticipate setting up at 10 AM so that if there are glitches, we have time to resolve them. I don't really mind people wandering in early during set-up, but they should beware that gawkers sometimes get drafted into production assistants.
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