Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Ducky New Year

The periodic light snow showers continued on and off last night and tapered off this afternoon, with almost nothing sticking. I did not have the day off today, so I finished up some small projects that were due by year-end, and kept the fireplace burning. It has been pretty cold, not getting above freezing, and with a projected low of -14°C tonight.

I did get out for a bit this morning, though. I had a coupon from the Wigwam restaurant and casino, just a couple of blocks away from the house, and I went out in the snow this morning, had breakfast over there, and claimed my $10 worth of free slot play, which I managed to turn into $6 of spending cash before returning home to get back to Day Jobbe. Lisa and I went to the Black Bear Diner/Nugget Casino last night and did approximately the same thing, with $5 to the good. (The $11 winnings was spent on some small grocery shopping this afternoon.)

For me, today's project was to finish the Duck Soup on which I've been working since Christmas. I'd previously boiled the duck carcass on the wood stove and did what I could to separate the meat from the bones. I then reserved the meat for later, threw away the bones, and boiled down what was left to make soup stock. I let that sit overnight and then skimmed off the fat and reduced the remainder some more. This evening, I managed to use more pots and bowls than Lisa did when she originally made Christmas dinner in the first place. I made a pot of wild rice mix on the wood stove and then boiled carrots, potatoes (Lisa helpfully cleaned, peeled, and diced these for me), the soup stock, and the previously-reserved meat together, and the eventually mixed that with the wild rice.

Lisa generously allowed that I'd done quite well with Duck Soup. The only fly in the ointment was actually bones in the soup. It's really hard to get all of those little bones out, so you had to be careful eating the soup. We both had a lot of the soup and there's still enough for lunch tomorrow and then some. And despite having run through so many different bowls (much to Lisa's amusement), I'm fairly pleased with having made the soup without any source of heat other than our wood stove. Lisa had cooked the duck originally in the oven, of course, but everything else was done by wood heat, without even the microwave.

Because of the weather and other factors, we have elected to not go out anywhere for New Year's celebrations, not even the local casinos that are planning fireworks at midnight and such. It's a quiet night at our (relatively) warm home to finish out 2015 for us. Tomorrow we have various chores to do, and we probably will go buy another half-cord of firewood, because I've been burning a lot of it to keep the home fire burning.
Tags: casinos, fernley, food, home, lisa

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