Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Two Saturdays This Week

We did very little today and treated it as an extra Saturday with no errands on the to-do list. It was by our standards very cold and there wasn't anything that needed doing, so we stayed inside, kept the fire burning briskly, and tried to stay warm. I ate the rest of the duck soup for lunch, Lisa made us shrimp pan roast for dinner, and the most adventurous thing we did was to get bundled up and take the hand truck down the street to pick up a couple of pallets abandoned a few days ago by Union Pacific on the side of the road. (Lisa cuts them up to burn as additional firewood.) Speaking of firewood, we've been going through it fast enough that we'll probably have to go buy another pallet of it tomorrow so that Lisa does not run out while I'm away.

I'm sure glad we filled the Rolling Stone's water system with lots of RV antifreeze. The gallon jug of water we left sitting outside (we'd been using it to put water in the Astro during the adventures in cooling systems) froze completely solid. I'm also glad that the current weather forecast is for slightly warmer weather on Sunday.
Tags: house, lisa, rolling stone, weather
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