Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Winter Travel Prep

Today was a relatively busy day for me, as we needed to get my laundry done and the Rolling Stone prepped for my upcoming two-week stint in the Bay Area. We also needed to go buy another half-cord of firewood, and I refilled the empty propane bottle for Lisa's travel trailer.

Speaking of propane, we tested the propane furnace in the RV, which I haven't needed to use since early last spring. It was very balky to start, mainly because the lines were full of air. It took a lot of coaxing, including lighting off he propane stove burners and the hot water heater, before we were able to purge enough air from the lines so that the furnace would actually light up. We then turned off the hot water heater (which is full of RV anti-freeze solution anyway) and after the furnace ran for a while, shut it down as well and turned off the propane bottle.

We were going to use the Big Orange Van to take the utility trailer to get firewood, but Lisa was unable to get it to start. She thinks that it needs a new starter, and it's much too cold to work on the vehicle, so with it and the Small Orange Pickup both hors de combat, all she has available while I'm gone is the Astro. We hitched up the utility trailer and fetched a pallet of firewood from Big R, but by the time we got home it was too dark and too cold to unload it. Lisa says she'll unload it as time and weather permit this coming week.

Lisa intended to vacuum the RV this evening, but as she was taking the Shop-Vac out to do so, her ankle gave way under her, and she took a spill on the sidewalk. I heard her cry for help and I went out and helped her back up and inside, where she bandaged up her cuts and took stock of things. I put the Shop-Vac away. As a precaution, she put her crutches in the travel trailer near the bed in case the ankle stiffens up overnight.

It's a good thing that I got more propane for the travel travel today, because one bottle ran out this evening. Because of the temperatures bottoming out overnight around -15°C, Lisa has been using a lot of propane keeping the trailer warm the same way I've been burning a lot of wood for the main house. She discovered that she was out of propane (and had forgotten to open the other bottle, so the fail-over valve didn't work) when the refrigerator stopped working and started defrosting itself. At least we hope that's what happened, and that putting a fresh bottle (and opening both of them so the fail-over valve can back up an empty bottle) will get everything working again, because replacing the travel trailer refrigerator (again) is not something we want to have to do.

I have the RV plugged in to groundside power to make sure the on-board battery is fully charged before I leave tomorrow morning. It has been more than six weeks since I last used it, and I don't want any unpleasant surprises tomorrow when I settle down for the night. At least the weather forecast for the Sierra looks promising for tomorrow. I have, however, packed my consumables (like my medications) for a month's stay in case I get trapped on the west side of the mountains this trip.
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