Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

From Winter to Spring

I got away from Fernley just as unexpected snow started moving from the east (most storms come at us from the west), but the weather in the mountains was clear, and by the time I hit Colfax, I had the heater off; by Sacramento, I was venting cool air into the RV; however, I had to turn the heat on again as I neared the Bay Area.

The contrast between the Bay Area and Fernley's weather is striking. Tonight's where I am tonight is 6°C warmer than the high in Fernley this afternoon. (That's 8°C versus 2°C.) Furthermore, today was the first day in about five that the daytime highs in Fernley were above freezing. It's no wonder that we've been going through propane and firewood at home like nobody's business.

I briefly visited with my sister in Sacramento. Her condition is unchanged, which means she's no worse; however, she's also no better. But at least she can talk.

As I came down I-880, I found myself hoping that the 49ers game would go into overtime (which it did) in order to give me a few extra minutes to get through the Santa Clara/North San Jose area and not have to fight through post-game traffic.

Not an exciting drive, and that is just fine by me. Excitement is not something I'm looking for when driving the RV.
Tags: family, rolling stone, weather

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