Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

A Break in the Weather

Around 10 AM today, I spotted that chain controls on I-80 had been lifted and there appeared to be a break between storms of about 8-10 hours. As quickly as I could, I finished up what work was on my desk, packed my gear, and told my co-workers (truthfully) that I'd already logged 50 hours this week and that if I did not go home now, I wouldn't be able to go home for another week.

I was originally planning to go visit my mother in Yuba City, but I called her and explained that I really needed to dash as straight home as I could because of the weather. I'll go see her in a couple of weeks on my way back down for my next stint in the Bay. I did, however, stop off and visit my sister in Sacramento. (There's some hope that they may be able to discharge her to be able to go home sometime in the next few weeks, which would be wonderful.)

There was plenty of snow all around. The Donner Summit rest area was closed, with what looked like close to two meters of snow piled up. Kudos to Caltrans District 3 workers, who had the pavement clear and mostly dry. They were working on cutting back the snowbanks when I went over the top. There was enough wet pavement to make me take it easy and be something of a road boulder, but I stayed in the slow lane and let the people with more confidence in their tires' grip go around me.

With palpable relief, I got home around 7:30 PM. My own bed beckons.
Tags: family, rolling stone, weather, work

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