Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Happy Birthday to Lisa

Today was Lisa's birthday, which was another reason for my wanting to get home last night. We got dressed up and went into Reno/Sparks, where I took Lisa out to dinner at John's Oyster Bar. The staff there still recognize us and said they'd tell our favorite servers, Matthew and William (they're brothers) that we stopped by. Because it was Lisa's birthday, they gave her a slice of cake at the end of the meal as well. We were grateful that they did not come and sing some sort of birthday song to her. (Most places haven't yet got the word that the copyright trolls on "Happy Birthday" lost; the song is public domain after all.)

The Nugget is doing prize drawings this weekend, and we were there for the 6 PM drawings for $1000 in casino free play, but we didn't win. We have to go back in tomorrow to do our larger-scale shopping (today's trip was not a shopping expedition), so we should stop by the Nugget around 4 PM because we do have entries in the draw (must be present to win) and the top prize is a new Mercedes.

It's a good thing we didn't have our hearts set on eating at the Atlantis buffet, because Toucan Charlie's is temporarily closed for renovation. There are lots of signs saying how much better it will be. I'll be curious to see what the renovated restaurant is like. At the very least, I reckon they will replace the carpet, which was getting rather worn out.
Tags: casinos, food, lisa, reno, restaurants

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