Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Catching Up on Shopping

Today was the day for catching up on all of the shopping that we did not do during the holidays or when I was down in the Bay Area.

We started out by going to Barnes & Noble for me to redeem the gift card that Cheryl sent me for Christmas, which I did. (I discovered when I got home that two of my purchases duplicated books I already had, but that's okay; we'll go back next weekend and exchange them for other books.) We then went to Whole Foods and stocked up on good cheese. I continue to be amazed at times that I can get some of the good-quality British cheese in a relatively small market like Reno/Sparks.

Lisa knew her shoes were worn out when she turned her ankle on account of the soles being so worn, so we stopped at the SAS store and picked up a new pair. (She also had found the last new pair we bought while we were in San Antonio after Worldcon there, which is now wearing.) We ordered her another pair so she'll have another spare, and we discovered that SAS will resole their shoes for less than the cost of buying new ones. We didn't know those shoes could be resoled, so when we come to buy the pair we ordered, we'll take in one pair of each of our shoes to have them restored. SAS shoes are not cheap, but they last a long time (which makes them more cost-effective), and they are US-made as well.

We took time out to make it over to the Nugget for their car drawing, and as you can probably tell because I did not lead with it, I did not win the Mercedes.

With Toucan Charlie's buffet closed for renovation, we decided to try the Peppermill buffet again, which required renewing my affinity card because they use it as part of the gatekeeping on the "locals" discount. That's how I discovered that we apparently hadn't been in the Peppermill since 2014.

With more than enough dinner in us, we headed to Winco and Raley's for our large-scale shopping before rolling home.

It is our hope that we don't need to leave Fernley again until next weekend at the earliest, especially with another series of winter storms heading our way.
Tags: casinos, food, lisa, reno, shopping

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