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Westercon, Day 4: Match Game!

While I would have been happier if we'd had a bigger audience for Match Game, the show itself went very well, and we had a good set, and great panelists and crew who made it all work. I think we had between 20 and 30 in the audience overall, but far few put their names in as potential contestants, so that we were able to draw almost every person who wanted to be a panelist. I guess a lot of people are too shy.

The Rio Vista Pavilion, where we did the show. That's Lisa helping put up one of the banners on the outside. You had to cross a small plaza from the main hotel building to get to the Pavilion.

Lisa's companion, Kuma Bear, guards the announcer's microphone during set-up.

"Hello, everyone, and welcome to the Match Game!"

Get Ready to Match the Stars! Top row: Scott Norton, Lynn Gold, Kevin Roche. Bottom row: Nora Rankin, Host Kevin Standlee, Andy Trembley, and Cody Goodfellow.

Smoke (left) and Ed Green contemplate this question: '"Jamie Summers, the Bionic Woman, said, “Having a bionic dog is such a drag! Instead of throwing him a bone, I have to throw him a _________.'"

Gregory Gross and Sheldon Linker

Michelle (no last name given) and Jeff George

Carole Parker and Christine Hay listen to host Kevin Standlee heckle their answers.

The lovely and talented production assistant Sharon Sbarsky handed out copies of Emerald City and other Lovely Parting Gifts and contestant prize packages and kept the show flowing along.

Thank you all for coming! We hope you enjoyed the show!

Unfortunately, not all of the contestant photos were usable, nor were those of announcer David Gallaher and Crack Technical/Sound Operator Lisa Hayes. (Light conditions were low, and we were not using flash because it washes things out.)

I had a great time, and hope I get to do it again under such great stage conditions and with such a good team. Thanks to everyone who participated and watched the show!
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