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As part of the work to make the kitchen at Fernley House usable, we needed to replace the garbage disposal unit. After she discussed it with our plumber, Lisa made a decision on what we needed, and this evening after work, we drove into Reno to buy the model she wanted, as it wasn't available in Fernley. After dealing with that required errand, we went over to Baldini's Casino, which advertises all-you-can-eat pasta Monday-through-Wednesday nights. It's not bad, and the serving sizes are so large that you almost don't need to make it all-you-can-eat, although we did both try second helpings because they have two different pasta types (spaghetti and penne) and two different sauces (meat/marinara or butter-and-garlic).

One odd thing was how rarely we drive into Reno from Fernley at night. It's usually daylight when we're heading west. Driving after dark meant that what should be a highly familiar stretch of road wasn't familiar at all.
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