Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Wood Worries

For the last three winters, we have been relying for heat on firewood purchased from Big R Ranch & Home in the form of half-cord pallets of Douglas fir. The wood looks like it is mill ends of fence posts, without bark and all about the same diameter and cut to about the same length, packed tightly on pallets. With about a week's worth of wood left in the wood box, I called Big R yesterday to find out if they had any in stock. They informed me of the bad news: not only did they have none, but they weren't going to get any more, ever, as their supplier stopped selling it. I don't know why. The guy from Big R says he's sorry they can't get it anymore, because it sold pretty well.

Well, that's not good. There's nobody in Fernley that appears to be selling firewood, and the place from which we bought split pine in Fallon is no longer in business. We did a search and found a couple of places in Reno, but they won't deliver out as far as Fernley, so we had to hitch up the utility trailer and drive to Reno yesterday afternoon. We went to a tree-service company that also sells wood and bought from them half a cord of mixed soft/hardwood. It cost more than the half-cord pallets, not even including the cost of driving between Fernley and Reno. But it will keep us warm for a few weeks while we contemplate further action. Thank goodness Lisa had cash on her, because they were a cash-only business, and I didn't have the $145 on me that we needed.

The wood we bought burns hotter but longer, and also leaves more ash, probably because of the bark. The Douglas fir was very clean-burning, and we've almost never had to dig out ashes. It was nearly as convenient as a wood pellet stove. Speaking of which, the reason we don't get a pellet stove is that they don't work in case of power failure. We have a fireplace insert inside the big stone fireplace in our living room, and it will produce heat even without electric power. We've even cooked on it, after a fashion.

We'll need to investigate our options. There's a place over near Carson City that looks somewhat promising, assuming their delivery charges on, say, two cord of wood (a cord is a 4x4x8 foot stack) aren't too awful. Although the wood box Lisa build holds only 3/4 cord, we have the concrete pad behind the house (it used to be a dog kennel; all that's left is the concrete pad) where the rest can go, and that's what we did the first year we were here and "Flame-O's Firewood" in Fallon was still in business.
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