Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Not Complaining About the Rain

The weather forecast for this weekend called for lots of rain over the Sierra Nevada today, turning to snow tonight and heavy snow throughout the weekend. I can drive in rain, but not in snow, and therefore after a long video conference call at work this morning, I told everyone that I was heading out today lest I not get to the Bay Area at all next week, and I left a bit after Noon.

There were heavy gusty winds through the Truckee River canyon, and that's not good for a high-profile vehicle like the Rolling Stone. It's a good thing I didn't have to head south, because I-580/US-395A were closed to RVs and big rigs due to high winds. When I got to Reno, I met the rain coming the other way, and climbing up toward Truckee the high winds and rain combined to make for an unpleasant drive. I slowed down, as is my wont in bad weather. I found myself behind a big truck going about 45 mph, and I was happy to follow him as far as the California Department of Agriculture inspection station.

At Donner Summit, the rest area was open, and despite the rain, I stopped to use the facilities. There was more than two meters of snow packed up around the rest area, but there was no snow falling at the time, just lots of rain. (The prediction was for over 80 mm of rain today.) I carefully and slowly worked my way back down the mountains and onto CA-20 toward Grass Valley, descending into a bunch of fog to go with the rain, but the cleared up as I descended toward Marysville/Yuba City.

In Yuba City I visited my mother who is periodically staying at my sister's house keeping the house alive while the medical professionals continue to try and find a way to get my sister to the point where she can come home again. For a change I was not under any time pressure, which was nice. After a few hours I bade Mom good night and headed over to Walmart (Yuba City's Walmart is one of those that allows overnight RV parking) and buttoned up for the night. I did also buy some small groceries from Walmart, as it is my policy to not shop there except when I'm using their parking lot for RV parking.

Tomorrow I'll make my way down to the Bay Area, but I won't be in any hurry.
Tags: family, rolling stone, weather

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