Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

It Was Twenty Years Ago Today...

...that a relatively young company called Menlo Logistics, a subsidiary of CF Inc. (formerly Consolidated Freightways), still located in Menlo Park, California, hired me on as a regular employee, after fourteen months of various types of contract/casual employment. The company changed its name and logo several times (I didn't save the older ones; this is, I think, the third logo, and dates from the period when we were in a "virtual merger" with Emery Airfreight, before the parent company broke us up, retained Menlo, and sold Emery to UPS, who subsumed it into their international air freight operations). The parent company morphed names a few times as well, from CF to CNF to Con-Way, and then the whole company including our sister companies was purchased by someone else, and as far as I can tell, the current corporate name of the legal entity for which I work is XPO Logistics Worldwide.

It turns out that, somewhat to my surprise, I am not (yet) the Last One Standing from the relatively small Menlo Park office where I was hired as a data-entry temp back in 1994. There is at least one other employee left in the company who worked in that office with me, and she actually hit her 20-year anniversary before I did even though I showed up first because of the 14 months of contract work that doesn't count toward total time served.

There was nothing special at the Day Jobbe today nor any recognition of my anniversary. (The payroll system's time-off accrual has recognized that I've jumped to the next five-year plateau and will start earning Paid Time Off at a higher rate.) As is my usual pattern, I left around 11 (having already logged about 48 hours this week by COB yesterday) and headed home to Fernley. I had a number of errands to do along the way, including visiting my sister and the care facility where they continue to work on trying to rehab her breathing sufficient to let her go home, before heading over the mountains in lovely clear weather. I'm very happy to be home.
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