Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Home Snowy Home

It has been more than a week since snow last fell here in Fernley, but it looks a fair bit like the icon, and any place that doesn't get direct sun still has up to 20 cm of snow still standing. However, we have a stretch of clear, relatively warm weather ahead, which is good for multiple reasons. The snow is starting to melt, and it's taking less firewood to keep the house warm. Lisa unloaded the last of the utility trailer this afternoon. We're considering going in to a firewood-supply company in Reno (not the place we got this current load) and buying a half-cord of their assorted hardwood. If that works out, we can see about buying a couple of cords delivered, which is surely more efficient than buying smaller loads using our small utility trailer.
Tags: household, weather, wood

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