Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Missed Opportunity

This morning would have been excellent for train photography, such as maybe the passing westbound morning California Zephyr, because BNSF happened to have pulled every car from the two-track mini-yard in front of the house, and the Mountain of Ties is gone. However, I was too busy with Day Jobbe to spend time shooting photos. Besides, when Amtrak went by, I was busily trying to get the wood stove a bit hotter, and couldn't get outside to the porch fast enough to wave at the train as it went by.

Speaking of the temperature, we're very lucky that the temps are trending upward a bit. I've been opening the woodbox door in the morning to let the rising sun melt the ice and dry out the logs stacked in there (they got a bit wet and icy while in the utility trailer). And we haven't had to use quite as much wood to keep things warm. This is also good because I'm too busy with Day Jobbe right now to go into Reno in the mid-afternoon early enough to try out the wood supply place. Fortunately they are open Saturday morning as well, so that's our current target.

ETA: That must have been the "Fernley Flyer," not Amtrak, that went by when I was working on the fireplace. At 7:45 PM this evening, as Lisa and I headed out for a walk, the westbound Zephyr came by, almost exactly twelve hours late. The train had a Union Pacific freight locomotive on the point and only one of its usual two Genesis locomotives trailing. (Presumably the Amtrak crew would have been in the trailing cab, where they were responsible for providing "hotel" power to the train behind them, while a UP crew piloted the train westward.) That's a messy day indeed. Probably one of the Amtrak locomotives failed badly on the road, and in an inconvenient place, leading to big delays while UP dispatched a locomotive and crew to rescue them.
Tags: household, wood

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