Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Wood Work

This morning, Lisa drove us into Reno to Owens Wood Products, where we bought a half-cord of mixed walnut and almond hardwood firewood for $250. Ouch. That's more than twice the cost of the Douglas fir "fenceposts" Big R used to sell. However, it's supposed to burn a lot longer, so maybe it's a good deal. They're pretty low on supply, and said that the best time to buy wood from this is between May and August, which it costs less. Perhaps then we can buy two cords delivered (there's an $80 delivery charge), or maybe even three (that's how much their truck holds), which probably would serve us for the whole winter if we can get it all stacked and stored on the "dog run" behind the house.

There was a bit of an adventure at the wood yard when the van got bogged down in the soft ground, but they pulled us clear with their front-loader, and it worked out in the end.

After escaping from the wood yard, we made our way over to the Sparks Nugget for breakfast. Alas, the breakfast (something she's had many times before) disagreed strongly with Lisa, and when we got home, she had to take the rest of the day off. We had nearly identical breakfasts, with the only difference being seafood on her omelet, so we don't know what went wrong.

The half-cord of hardwood is much heavier than of softwood, and the trailer handled quite badly. Also, Lisa thinks she's going to need to check the axle bearings to see if they need greasing. She did manage to pull up along the fence, and this afternoon, I put on my coveralls and climbed up into the trailer to toss the layer of almond wood over the fence. We plan to store it on the "dog run" and then put as much of the walnut into the woodbox as possible. I also split a few of the pieces that look to be too large for our small fireplace insert. The remaining Douglas fir we can use as fire starter to get things hot enough for the hardwoods to catch. (We have a vague hope that the firewood supplier might start selling the "fenceposts" again next year, so we'll keep an eye out whenever we go to Big R. Those things were just too darn convenient.)

Today was a good day for this sort of work. It's warming up for a few days where it will not be below freezing, and we could actually let the fire go out completely, so I could dig ashes and clean the creosote from the glass. I expect that I'll have to raise a fire again tomorrow. But for now, I'm worn out from hauling and splitting wood. Not setting an alarm tomorrow morning seems like a good idea right now.
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