Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

One Up, One Down

Lisa has sufficiently recovered from her bout of food poisoning that she helped me unload wood from the utility trailer this afternoon, and she put the trailer away. We now have filled the wood box and have more besides piled on the "dog run" under plastic, and hope that this (about one cord total) will be enough to keep us warm for another month. (The past few days of unseasonably warm weather have helped a lot because we haven't had to light a fire, but winter returns on Wednesday evening, according to the weather forecast.)

Alas, as Lisa gets better, I get worse. I have the symptoms of a cold growing worse this evening. It's just as well that I'm not in the office in the Bay Area this week, because I'd be infecting my co-workers in a four-person office that has six desks squeezed into it.
Tags: health, lisa, wood

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