Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Edge of Winter

We nearly managed to go the entire day without re-lighting the fireplace, but thanks to some nasty lake winds sucking the heat out of the house throughout the day, this evening Lisa asked me to go ahead and kindle the fire, as the air temperature was dropping below 20°C and the electric heater couldn't keep up with the projected near-freezing temperatures we'll be getting tonight.

50 miles to the west, snow showers are projected to taper off, so I can plan on a "normal" drive to the Bay Area on Sunday for my next one-week stint down there. This afternoon, despite the wind, we finally drove the Rolling Stone over to the RV dump to empty the holding tanks. Tomorrow, after I deal with my first-ever caucus (California, my home until less than four years ago, is a primary-type state), we'll start prepping the RV for the next trip, including refilling the water tanks and packing.
Tags: house, lisa, rv, weather

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