Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Lucky Caucus Day

Before heading off to the Nevada Caucuses, I walked to the Wigwam Restaurant/Casino, and after having breakfast, redeemed my $10 free play with purchase of a meal coupon. I also had a coupon good for a $10 bonus free play on any $10 jackpot. I told the attendant to just stay with me at the machine and wagered the $10 free play on a single hand of blackjack, which I won. That turned the initial $10 free play into $20 real money. She then paid off the $10 free play, and I carefully wagered that. When I'd burned through the free play, I had $32 cash, which I redeemed. That not only paid for breakfast today, but also a few weeks ago when I did not win anything from the free play. Not a bad use of "house money."

Feeling pretty chipper, I walked home and drove off to do my civic duty at the Nevada Caucus.
Tags: casinos, fernley
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