Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Stone Rolled

If one must drive 300 miles one way to your job, today was a good day for doing so. The weather was clear and the roads were dry. I got off early enough (8:30 AM), visited with my sister for a while in Sacramento, and had only intermittent traffic issues. I shouldn't have tried going around the top of Sacramento on I-80 during the current lane configuration, and there was an inexplicable slowdown around Lathrop, as well as an expected one in Pleasanton, but otherwise not too bad, and as usual, it took me about eight hours to make the trip. Those people who insist that you can drive from San Jose to Reno in four hours are crazy. Besides, I live another 30 miles beyond Reno.

The Rolling Stone handled as well as it ever does, which isn't to say all that well. Lisa make the ride better, however, by swapping the passenger and driver's seats last week. The driver's seat slides were wearing out, and the repairs we did a few weeks ago on the pivot were only partially successful. The passenger seat uses exactly the same mechanism, and had rarely been used, so swapping them gave me a nearly-new seat. Someday we'll need to go to the pick-a-part yard and hunt down a new seat mount for the other seat. Fortunately, a vast number of vans from three different makes all used the same mount, so we don't think that will be that hard. However, given that is costs money to get into the yard in the first place, we aren't going there without a long list of parts we need for multiple vehicles.
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