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Lisa Sighting

Lisa called a few minutes ago to tell me she'd arrived back in Oregon. She passed through the Bay Area yesterday, stopping last night somewhere around Grass Lake in Northern California. We had a bit of a worry for a while because I'd not received any replies to the e-mails I'd sent her father updating him as to Lisa's travels, nor had he answered the phone when I called yesterday; however, Lisa says he's okay and there are no problems.

For reasons of fuel economy, instead of her three-ton security blanket Large Orange Van, Lisa drove her VW Vanagon to Westercon. Unfortunately, the van leaked oil the entire trip, and she had to add a quart of oil every time she filled it with gas. She says she thinks she knows what is wrong, and hopes to get it fixed before Worldcon, where the plan is for her to drive to the Bay Area, then the two of us drive together to Worldcon.
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