Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Another Free Breakfast

I had another "buy a meal, get $10 free play" coupon from the Wigwam Casino down the street. This is an easy coupon for me, because I like their breakfasts anyway, so I went down and had breakfast this morning there. Because I'd done so well on the "coupon conversion" of free play into spending money last time, I went ahead and paid cash (about $13.50 including tip) rather than putting it on my credit card. I then went over and redeemed the coupon, and as is my wont, put it in the blackjack machine. Now the 21 game there has its annoyances, such as only paying even money on blackjack and not allowing you to double down, but the play was with house money, so I don't complain too much. After burning off the $10 free play, I had $12 on the meter, and my betting system said I should bet $2 on the next hand. I vowed to quit no matter what, placed the bet, and won, just walking away with $14 and an effectively free breakfast, again.

Now I'm the kind of customer promotions like this do not want at all, because had I burned off the free play with nothing to show for it, I would have also left. But as long as they want to keep presenting me with a roughly 50:50 chance at a free breakfast (blackjack odds being what they are) that I like eating anyway, I think I'll keep taking them up on the offer.
Tags: casinos, fernley, restaurants

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