Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Rail Logistics Center for Fernley?

According to this article, a long-discussed rail-centered logistics center for the Fernley Area (straddling the Lyon-Churchill county line) appears to be moving forward. The area in question is well-suited to such a use, has nobody living around it to complain about the noise and such from what would probably be a 24/7 operation, and would generate a whole lot of business. Also, Fernley, being part of the greater-Reno-Sparks-Carson City area, is part of one of the significant logistics nodes in the USA. This would, I think, be a much bigger deal for Fernley than anything Tesla might do at the Tahoe-Reno park at USA Parkway. And anything to get more freight off the roads and onto the rails seems like a good idea for me.
Tags: fernley, logistics, trains
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