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Another Warbonnet Bites the Dust

Arguably, the Santa Fe "Warbonnet" is the most attractive and well-known paint scheme that ever graced a locomotive. With the merger of ATSF and Burlington Northern into the BNSF, ex-Santa Fe Warbonnets have been slowly vanishing. One place you can still spot them is in Fernley's little two-track yard across the street from our house, where a BNSF local operates usually five days a week usually with GP60 locomotives originally delivered in the Warbonnet. The locomotives have to be rotated in and out to be sent back to shops for their 90-day inspections, so we see different units. This morning was another sign of the times, as one of the older units has been repainted into the newer scheme.

Main Line and Local

Heading east at speed on the main line at Fernley is a Union Pacific intermodal train. Idling on the house tracks are the two BNSF locomotives: newly-repainted 157 and mostly-as-delivered 141.

Old and New Paint

141 has BNSF stenciled under its road number but otherwise looks much like it did when it and its stablemates ruled the main line before being demoted to branch and local service in favor of higher-power units.

Shortly after I took these photos, the BNSF crew arrived (they'd left the train here overnight because they ran out of operating hours yesterday and had to be fetched back to the base at Sparks via van) and set about their daily chores. The ever-changing train scenery here is of course one of the reasons we bought the house.
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