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Fernley's Rainbow Fleet

I wrote a couple of days ago about the ex-Santa Fe locomotives being repainted into BNSF's color scheme. The BNSF-painted locomotive I showed then is apparently booked to head back to the shops on the next through freight ("Big BN"), as yesterday's way freight dropped off a locomotive and the local crew ("Little BN," technically local BR-1) switched locomotives yesterday evening.

BNSF Rainbow

After detaching and tying down 157, the BNSF crew backed 141 down the "old house" track onto 163 and a cut of cars destined for somewhere west of Fernley. 163 wears the Santa Fe freight paint scheme, which is also slowly vanishing as locomotives pay trips to the paint shop.

Leaving BNSF 157 to be collected later, "Little BN" pulled out of the yard and headed for Sparks.
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