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Many Miles to Go

There is an SFSFC Board of Directors meeting tomorrow morning. Normally I try to arrange my work schedule so I'm down there the week before the meeting and just stay over an extra day, but that wasn't possible this time. Thus I need to head down to the Bay Area as soon as I can clear up any Day Jobbe stuff that needs doing. Because I'm only going for one night, I'll stay in a motel. The operating cost of the Rolling Stone is such that for a one-night stay, it costs me less out of pocket to stay in a motel than in the RV. I do need to keep better track of my mileage, though, because it's tax-deductible. I did myself out of a deduction when doing my taxes by forgetting one very long road trip for which the charitable mileage deduction (14 cents/mile, last time I checked) would have been applicable. (For only the second or third time that I recall, I actually had enough itemized deductions from last year to justify filing Schedule A; two trips to Spokane, excluding the side trips, were expensive.) I don't think it's enough to raise a flag on my return by filing an amended return, but it's still annoying to leave money on the table.

Complicating my life is the weather forecasts for the next week-plus. We certainly need the storms to come back, but I am running a risk of getting stuck on the wrong side of the mountains at some point in the next couple of weeks.
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