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Flying Visit to the Bay

As I headed west yesterday, the first wave of what promises to be a bunch of storms was heading east, and I encountered very heavy rain on the way down the west side of the Sierra. At Colfax, when I stopped for coffee and to answer messages from Day Jobbe, I was very glad to catch a parking space right next to the building in order to avoid getting totally soaked getting out of Astro. While I had to slow down because of the conditions, I was glad to be driving the Astro, which feels like a sports car in comparison to the Rolling Stone.

To my annoyance, I found that I'd left all of the 12V USB chargers in the RV. I have several of them, and they appear to have all migrated to the Rolling Stone. This is not a crisis, but it meant that I couldn't use my mobile phone to listen to SF Giants spring training baseball on the trip west, on account of doing so just sucks the power out of the batteries, and prudence dictates preserving the charge when there's no other source of power available. (As it happens, the hotel room had bedside USB chargers, which was most convenient. Because I'm only here one night, I'm not going to bother buying another charger, and I just need to remember to get the equipment correctly rebalanced between vehicles.)

After spending about an hour visiting my sister at the extended-care facility in Sacramento, I headed out into what promised to be awful traffic, and was. Although westbound across I-80 wasn't so bad (the eastbound traffic looked pretty rotten), once I got onto southbound I-5, it was a slow crawl for the next 45 minutes. What is normally a pretty quick drive from Sacramento to Lodi Junction was 90 minutes due to heavy rain and slow traffic. To try and let traffic dissipate, I had dinner at the Denny's at Lodi Junction before the last lap into the Bay Area. This helped, as well as going reverse-commute, and I got to the hotel in Union City just after 8 PM.

Having already had dinner and because I was only going to be here for one night, there was no need to lay in supplies, and after dealing with e-mail, I settled in to get some sleep. To my disgust, I was completely tucked in before I realized that I'd left the CPAP down in the minivan. After struggling with the decision, I decided that getting a good night's sleep was more important than going to sleep immediately, got dressed, and retrieved the machine from the car.

I've been waking up pretty early all week, and have turned this to my advantage, as I have some morning errands in Fremont before the meeting later this morning. Today dawned overcast but not raining; however, the forecast is for a huge mess of rain dropping on me this afternoon. As soon as the SFSFC meeting is over, I'm heading home as quickly as is safe, which is apt to be not all that fast, actually. Snow is not expected over the passes until after sundown today, so I need to get across before then. I do have the tire chains, but as usual, I really do not want to have to use them.
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