Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Tooth Surprise

Yesterday afternoon Lisa had an appointment in Reno to see the TMJ jaw specialist to discuss the current state of her tinnitus. At noon yesterday, we drove into Reno. Lisa did the driving so I could deal with Day Jobbe e-mails coming at me during the drive. When we got to the office, we dealt with routine paperwork, I got my computer running to work on issues that came up while we were on the way into town, and Lisa went to talk to the doctor.

Recap: Lisa suffers from severe tinnitus in one ear. It is not due to exposure to loud sounds. No, that quack remedy you hear advertised on the radio will not do anything to help. No, she doesn't have a brain tumor. No, none of the audiology tests did any good. She wears the earplug to generate white noise to help counteract the sound in that ear.

Since Dr. Allman of Reno TMJ determined that the most likely cause of Lisa's tinnitus is a pinched audiological nerve that runs through her jaw, caused by her jaw having receded five or six millimeters, he has been working with her with various dental appliances to try and shift her jaw back into place. This has had varying degrees of success. In addition, Lisa has been very reluctant to have any other dental work done without consulting with him, because everything is interconnected.

Lisa had a regular dental check-up from her dentist here in Fernley a few weeks ago, and was informed that she had a cracked wisdom teeth (she still has all of her wisdom teeth), and that the recommendation was to remove the tooth entirely. Lisa put off a decision until talking to Dr. Allman, who said, "I can pull it for you."

Lisa asked, "Okay. When do you want to do it?"

"How about right now?" Lisa was agreeable, so Dr. Allman broke out the anesthetic and tools. Lisa kept the tooth as a souvenir.

I had no idea all of that was happening, being head-down on troubleshooting some Excel macro code. When Lisa came out to the waiting room, she told me that Dr. Allman had pulled that cracked wisdom tooth. I was very surprised, but not displeased.

Because of the dental work, our original plan to have lunch and get groceries was scuttled. We stopped by RESCO Restaurant Supply to get parts for the kitchen faucet (a small gasket broke; to our relief, we could actually get the $5 in parts rather than having to buy a whole new valve body assembly), made a short grocery stop to buy a lot of soup (Lisa is restricted to soup and soft food for a few days), then went home. Fortunately, Lisa seems to be recovering well, with no overnight complications, excessive pain, or bleeding.
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