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Double or Nothing is Sometimes Nothing

Lest you think I always win when I gamble: On Sunday, I had breakfast at the Wigwam Restaurant/Casino a few blocks from my house, as I've taken to doing on weekends when I'm home. I like their breakfast there ($13 including tip), and have been going more often since they've been sending free-play coupons in the form of "have a meal here and get $10 free play." The last three times before this weekend, I was able to parlay that free play into a free breakfast, and in one case enough to pay for the next one. However, this past Sunday, putting the entire $10 down on a single blackjack hand (because if I'd won, there was an additional $10 bonus free play coupon I could use), I was dealt a 15 versus a house 7 showing -- an awful hand. I drew and busted, but I would have lost had I stood as the down card was a ten; it was an unwinnable hand. I resisted the urge to try and "win it back" and went home instead.

We do a lot of small-time gambling, and I keep track of our wins and losses, because I'm sufficiently law-abiding that I know that any net wins are taxable. Having done my taxes for last year recently, I was surprised to see that my net loss for 2015 was less than $100. I expected it to be a low three-figure sum. I guess I've won more often than I remember.
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