Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Weather Watch

Weather forecasts all this week made it look like that only way I could make the next two weeks west of the mountains would be to go today after lunch. We accordingly advanced our RV-prep work into yesterday. While prepping the RV, Lisa tested the fire extinguisher and discovered that it was empty. We also needed more RV anti-freeze solution for the water tank, and furthermore I had a $5 rebate coupon from O'Reilly Auto Parts that was about to expire, so we popped over there and bought the parts. Lisa installed the new fire extinguisher (it's bigger than the old one and wouldn't fit the old bracket) and I refilled the tanks. Lisa vacuumed the RV.

After work, we drove into Reno to do our big grocery shopping, particularly because Lisa doesn't like doing the Reno shopping alone and I'll be away for two weeks. We went to the Peppermill buffet (much less busy and also less expensive on a weeknight) first, where Lisa restricted herself to soft foods and chewing away from where the removed wisdom tooth was.

While driving around to our shopping errands, we saw an accident happen almost right in front of us. While stopped at a red light with traffic turning left against us, a car came by us on the right, pretty much rolled through the red light, and then sideswiped the trailer that the left-turning pickup truck was hauling. It was a relatively low-speed accident, and it did not look like anyone was hurt, although I expect that the car took the worst of it. The two vehicles pulled over to the curb, and we decided that our help wasn't needed. The car was clearly at fault, though, having made a rolling right-turn-on-red against traffic that clearly had the right of way.

This morning, the revised weather forecast over Donner Summit (I use Soda Springs) shows the storm having stalled slightly, and thus it looks like I don't need to leave until tomorrow afternoon. While still inconvenient, it's less inconvenient, because Friday afternoons are much better for leaving early than Thursday.
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