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Non-Bad Tech Support Story

As I've mentioned, Lisa's replacement laptop has been acting erratically, with intermittent hard drive failures that I don't think are the hard drive, but the connector on the system board. Multiple hard drives have had the same failure. Those same drives work okay without failure in other Inspiron 600m computers.

I have a service contract on this computer, so with some trepidation, I logged onto Dell Support Chat, expecting to be told "no" at every opportunity or to be forced to recreate the error on demand, which I cannot do because it's intermittent. To my surprise, the tech support person (presumably in India) was able to understand what I was saying without me repeating myself too many times, and has scheduled a technician to come to my office on Monday to replace the motherboard. The only problem is that he wants to replace the hard drive as well, and I'd rather he not do that, as this is the 60GB hard drive that I went out and bought when one not-covered-by-warranty drive did fail (and it was the drive; I tested it on a known-working machine). If he must trade me a drive for a drive, I'd rather give him the 40GB drive sitting in the known-write-off-parts-source machine that is in transit to me from the computer shop where I sent it. The junker may not get here on Monday. I wonder if I can persuade the tech to let me keep the drive once he replaces the motherboard?

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