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Sick of Conventions

Oh, no, not "sick" as in "never want to attend one again," but "sick" as in "I seem to get ill almost every time I attend one." I thought I'd managed to avoid it this time. I washed my hands regularly. I drank a lot of water. I even got nearly enough sleep. All this seems to have done was postponed the inevitable, as I woke up this morning with the beginning of a cold, and as I sat here watching the World Cup 3rd-place game, I could feel the cold getting its hooks into me. I guess it just took a few days for the bug to incubate.

It's a good thing this is my "off" week. Oh, I have some work to do from my mundane job -- mainly to make my life easier next week, and because for a change they gave me enough notice of the task that I can get it done somewhat at my leisure rather than with someone breathing down my neck looking for an answer immediately -- but I don't have to go anywhere (other than to get some groceries) or do much of anything on a set schedule. I probably should write up the Westercon Business Meeting minutes, however. I sort of wish I'd done it during the convention, but Lisa got very unhappy about me spending so much time over the computer during a convention; however, the longer I wait, the harder the job will be.

I enjoyed that 3rd-place game. With much less on the line, the teams actually got out there and played rather than sitting back and playing nothing but defense and banking on a penalty-kick shootout. Bad luck to Portugal to score an own-goal -- without that the last few minutes would have been even more exciting when Portugal scored their first goal. The home-team crowd were happy, although they of course would have been happier if their boys had been in tomorrow's game instead.

My predictions made a few days ago obviously got shot to pieces. Shows you how much I know about soccer.
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