Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Don't Splurge on Plane Tickets Yet

It's a bad idea to assume that when someone tells you that he is a "Hugo Award Board Member" and that you have been "Nominated for a Hugo Award" to start considering making plane reservations for Kansas City if you weren't already planning on going to the 2016 Worldcon.

1. There are no "Hugo Award Board Members" because the Hugo Awards does not have a Board of Directors.
2. Although traditionally the things on the final ballot used to be called "nominees," WSFS has officially deprecated that practice. The people/works on the short list are "finalists."

We gave up on trying to educate people about the older usage, particularly because some of them got very unhappy and insisted that the "plain meaning" of "nominee" was "placed on a nominating ballot by at least one voter." Okay, fine. But it is no longer true that a "Hugo Award nominee" is someone who appeared on the final ballot and whose name was read out at the Hugo Award ceremony just before "And the Hugo Award goes to..."

Thanks to Mike Glyer at File 770 for spotting this. I've posted a note on the author's site letting him know that he may be jumping the gun, given that nominations aren't even closed yet and nobody knows what works will be on the final ballot.

You know, maybe the Hugo Awards have grown to the point where Nigerian spammers can start telling people, "I am [INSERT NAME HERE] of the Board of HUGO AWARD. You have been nominated for HUGO AWARD. Wire $$$$ to claim your nomination."
Tags: hugo awards, wsfs

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