Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

A Happy Ending

Back in January, I was obliged to put nearly $3000 on a credit card because Cigna denied payment for a colonoscopy, saying that the physician was not a preferred provider. I thought (and my personal physician confirmed later) that every doctor and medical provider at Palo Alto Medical Center was part of the Cigna network. My doctor said that if the insurance paid the facility fees (which they did), they should have paid the doctor's fees (which they denied at the time). I filed an appeal and even now have not received a response from Cigna. However, I got something better in the mail yesterday: a overpayment refund from PAMF (Sutter Health). Cigna relented and paid the claim. Once I get this check deposited (tomorrow evening when we go to town for shopping, weather permitting), I can pay off my credit card bill. I'm out three months of interest, but at least it's paid for.
Tags: medical

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