Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Maybe Boring is Better

As I wrote, a great deal of Saturday's Lyon County Democratic convention was pretty boring, as we had to wait a long time to get all of the alternate delegates credentialed. This is probably better than the ruckus the broke out at the Clark County convention (with apparently 8,900 county-level delegates compared to Lyon's 168). Among other things the sheriff was called to remove a member that one group was trying to get expelled from the convention.

See the story here: Bernie Sanders Wins the Nevada Caucus After All

If I'm reading the story correctly, Clark County (Las Vegas/Henderson) sends 5,357 delegates to the Nevada state convention and Washoe County (Reno/Sparks) sends 1,883. Lyon sends 55. See what I meant about not expecting even one member of the Lyon County delegation to be selected to go to Philadelphia?
Tags: politics
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