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When A Remodel Doesn't Work Out

Many of you who attended the Reno Worldcon in 2011 may have eaten at Toucan Charlie's, the buffet in the Atlantis hotel/casino. That has been Lisa and my go-to place for a buffet, although we've taken to avoiding Friday-Saturday on account of the extra charges aren't worth what they add to the menu on those two days. Recently the buffet was shut down for a remodel, and it reopened not long ago. The first time we tried to go was after Lisa's last doctor visit, but we balked from lunch due to the excessively long queue. Last night after work, we drove into Reno to give it another try.

The results were disappointing. Lisa doesn't like the new decor, and while they've expanded the menu a bit, adding charcuterie and gelato, the extra dishes do not appear to justify the increased price. Although I somehow ended up gambling enough to make it into the second tier (of five) in their affinity program, the $2 discount only applies to my meal, not to Lisa's, and besides, you have to keep re-earning the status, and I do not foresee spending enough there to renew my status by June 1, inasmuch I'd have to spend as much as I did since June 1 last year to do so.

On top of all of that, the Atlantis is apparently still of the opinion that if they sing "Happy Birthday" they have to pay royalties for it, so they have a made-up-themselves song, which we got to hear about six times last night. Their lawyers presumably never got the memo that says the copyright trolls lost, and that "Happy Birthday" is public domain. It does no good to tell the managers; they're under orders from a Higher Authority.

The staff at TC's is just fine. They're all nice people and have been good to us. Some of them remember us (travelswithkuma is apparently very memorable). But aside from possibly finding a time when we can sneak in on a weekday morning to take advantage of the two-for-one breakfast buffet, we may not be returning. We possibly will transfer our buffet allegiance down the street to the Peppermill. Their "locals discount" applies even if you aren't a higher-status affinity-club member, and also applies to both of us, not just me.
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