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Giving Myself the Business

Business Meeting, that is. Although I was not feeling well enough to get out and do any errands or get any exercise, I did manage to write up the minutes of the Westercon Business Meeting and prepare the Bylaws/Standing Rules/Draft Agenda to pass on to Gnomeward Bound/Westercon 60. (Westercon 60's web site has now been updated reflect the new dates and site, by the way.)

I sent it off to Business Meeting Chairman edgreen86 and Ed turned around and approved it in a few hours. I then made HTML and PDF versions (the former through the ugly WinWord converter, yes I know it's bad) and sent the lot of six files off to Kent Bloom, Chairman of next year's meeting, and jbriggs, who among other things can update the Westercon web site.

With the other things I have coming up this summer (ConStruction, the SFSFC board of directors meeting, and L.A.con IV), I really needed to get the Westercon stuff behind me. If I had not done it this weekend, there was a good chance I might not have gotten to it until sometime this fall!
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