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Health Hazards

I continue to suffer through a cold. I woke up with a badly sore throat and watery eyes. I think I'll probably work from home tomorrow, which is okay with the project team because it gets me to work at least an hour early -- good when dealing with the East Coast -- but bad because I was expecting the Dell technician to come to my office on Monday to replace the motherboard on that laptop. The tech is supposed to call me before actually coming to the office, so I hope to be able to reschedule or (if he's willing) send him to Fremont instead.

Last night, an hour after dinner, I took a blood sugar reading: 198! That's another way-too-high reading caused by too much food and too little exercise. Sick or not, I had to do something, so I put on my shoes and took a walk around the complex and down to the train station and back. I did not enjoy it one bit, but after two hours, my blood sugar was back down to a more-reasonable 108.
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