Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

April Showers

Storms continue to roll through the area. Yesterday evening shortly after we got home, we had some pretty menacing-looking clouds in the area.

Spring Storm

Something you can see here is that the above-average rainfall this winter and spring is causing a lot of growth that we've not seen since we moved here in 2011. And the grass growing in the lot next door (plus over our property; Lisa has been busy this last week with the weed-whacker) are different from the Russian thistle (tumbleweeds) that overgrew the lot last year.

Spring Storm

You can't quite see it here, but a flock of quail were on the street in the middle distance in this photo. The quail are back, as are the seagulls (the latter migrate between the Great Salt Lake and the Pacific Coast).

I saw on Facebook that a funnel cloud was spotted hereabouts a week or so ago. It didn't touch down, and was apparently not a true tornado, but it was scary-looking nevertheless.

This morning, when I went out to wave at Amtrak going by, I saw that a little bit of snow was falling, in the form of flakes that appear to have been blown over from the nearby mountains on the bitter winds we're experiencing today. It got so cold that I had to light a fire in the fireplace, as the electric heaters can't keep up. It's not as bad as the depth of winter, but given that I work at a keyboard, my fingers have to be warm enough to type, which they were not for a while today.
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