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No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

As many of you may be aware, L.A.con IV is offering discount tickets of various sorts to Disneyland. These are a decent deal, and I saved $14/each for the pair of 2-day park hoppers I bought, and I'm happy the convention was able to get the deal. This is extra work for the convention. They have to get the tickets from Disney and deal with sending them out to people and the cash handling. The convention is not offering every possible type of Disney ticket. If you need more than a 2-day pass, you should go the Disney tickets page and get your pass directly.

So, when L.A.con IV announced the discount tickets on their LJ, they attracted an Anonymous Idiot who has complained bitterly about the tickets not being a good deal and that they should be cheaper, etc., etc. S/he has done this in a barely-literate fashion that made me wonder if maybe s/he qualifies for the child ticket.

As usual, it seems that even when a convention does a good thing, there will be someone who yells at them about it. It's unreasonable complaints like this that make you want to quit putting in the effort. Reasonable complaints we can sometimes do something about, even if it's just apologizing for our mistakes. Unreasonable complaints drive you crazy, because you know you can't fix them. Even if L.A.con IV did provide the mythical super-discounted tickets this fool wants, it probably wouldn't be enough.

I actually hope that Anonymous Idiot decides we're all too stupid and stays home, selling his/her membership to someone who will actually appreciate it, rather than lumbering the Worldcon with yet another spoiled, selfish, childish, self-centered fan who thinks the convention has a duty to provide for his/her every want without regard to the needs of the other thousands of people attending the convention.
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