Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Charged Up

Several days ago, Lisa pulled the dead auxiliary battery out of the Big Orange Van and we went over to the local NAPA Auto Parts and traded it in on a new deep-cycle RV battery. Lisa then put it on the battery charger for a couple of days, and on Sunday she swapped it for the "coach" battery in the Rolling Stone. The coach battery is two years old and still holds a charge, just not as well as it did originally. She put it into the Big Orange Van, which doesn't need quite as robust a battery as I do in the RV. I'm now less likely to wake up gasping overnight with a CPAP machine sounding a low-power alarm. Just to be sure all is well, we'll plug the Stone into ground power the day before I next leave. That, along with driving 300 miles to the Bay Area, should assure that everything is topped up.
Tags: big orange van, lisa, rolling stone, rv
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