Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Only So Much Energy for Award Narcissists

I was about to write a long post about the inability of certain people to read simple English sentences, and to complain that their version of "compromise" is in the form of "give up and give me everything you own." On top of that would be the disdain of these people for democracy except when it returns only the results they personally want, and the rejection of democracy among private, free individuals, and their right to organize to suit themselves and to make rules for their own governance — and critically, to change those rules when it suits them to do so. But then I realized that I simply didn't have the energy for it right now. Besides, they'll never change. Nothing would ever convince them that they were wrong on anything at all. As I've written elsewhere, they're all convinced that they're the only true human beings in the world, and that anyone with an opinion different from their own is doing so solely for nefarious reasons.

I suppose that I should be amused that the person criticizing the Hugo Awards final ballot voting method is in Australia, which means he apparently doesn't even understand his own country's electoral system. He also said that Worldcon is a small convention (i.e. not tens of thousands of people like "real" conventions, e.g. DragonCon and San Diego) and nobody from Australia would ever travel to one. I pointed out that Worldcon moves around and has been in Australia three times, albeit always in Melbourne. I even granted that Melbourne might be too far away for him depending on where in his very large country he lives. He simply scoffed at me, saying he heard later that it had been there and criticizing Worldcon for not sufficiently publicizing it, which is to say apparently not sending him a personal invitation. Again, there's that assumption that he's the only real person, and that nobody else matters.
Tags: hugo awards, puppygate, worldcon, wsfs

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