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Fortunately for me (because when I'm down in the Bay Area I need to be up about 4:45 AM), I woke up early this morning, meaning that my body clock is part-way adjusted already. I'd packed most stuff last night, so it wasn't too difficult to get away from home, after saying goodbye to Lisa and travelswithkuma. I stopped for breakfast at the Gold Ranch Casino at Exit 2 (less crowded than Boomtown), in Sacramento to see my sister and the long-term-care facility, and Lodi Junction for lunch, where I managed to find a pair of clip-on sunglasses at the truck stop. I left my prescription sunglasses sitting on my desk at home on account of it being so overcast and rainy that it wasn't until I was over an hour away from home when I realized I was going to need sunglasses on this trip. Indeed, it was pretty sunny crossing Donner Summit, although raining on both sides of it. No snow, though, and what snow is up top is now starting to dissolve in the spring rains. The rivers are running to their banks (but not above them), which is probably a good thing as we try to catch up on years of drought and refill the reservoirs.

Traffic working my way into the Bay Area got pretty heavy around Dublin-Pleasanton, and then again between along highway 238 and then south on I-880 as far as CA-92, and then patching in other spots along 880. On a Sunday afternoon. With no obvious traffic generators. Crazy place. But congested traffic is supposed to be a sign of a booming economy, and by that metric, we're really going wild here right now.
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