Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Getting Things Done

This morning Lisa and I went into Reno and started the day with brunch at the Peppermill. I won $10 on a keno ticket, but the ticket cost $20 to begin with. Lisa won enough on slots to cover our tip at brunch. Then it was time to take on a long to-do list.

The roof of the travel trailer is leaking, so we first went to Safari RV to buy roof cleaner/conditioner and caulk, as well as a new water tank cap for the Rolling Stone. Besides the gas tank leak, water is leaking out the filler cap of the fresh water tank on the RV, and we suspect that the water cap is the culprit.

Before going to Grocery Outlet, we stopped by Savers, and before looking for some of what we'd actually came to search for (which we found), Lisa and I looked at the books and videos. Lisa was delighted to find that they had a large number of laserdiscs (not DVDs; actual laserdiscs). We couldn't find a price for them, so I took one to one of the clerks. She said, "records are $1.99 each." She'd never even heard of a laserdisc and didn't realize these were not LP vinyl records. From the way they were shelved, nobody at the store knew that either. Lisa got a bunch of them for her to play on one of the two LD players she has.

After Grocery Outlet (where we finally found the brand of canned chili for which she'd been looking), we went to Cost Plus World Market to use a 15% off coupon I'd received. Then we finally remembered to go by a place we'd kept seeing as we passed: Motor Sheep, which sells sheepskin seat covers. With two long road trips this year (Portland and Kansas City) and seats in the Astro that look and feel like every bit of their 430,000 miles, we've wanted to deal with this for a while. We got a price quote and instructions on what to do when we're ready to strike.

As we were in the area, Lisa looked in at the local camera store to get some ideas. She's considering trying to hunt down a heavier tripod for the Panasonic P2 camera for the Business Meeting (the existing tripod is right at the edge of its weight limit). The camera store doesn't carry the heavier tripods, but may be able to order them once she decides what she wants.

The final stops were Whole Foods Market for quality cheese, and then Raley's, where we got her and travelswithkuma another 5-liter keg of root beer before heading home.

That's plenty of things accomplished for one day, we think.
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