Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

More Walking

I decided to get ambitious on Sunday and walked roughly 10 km through the various trails of Shoreline Park in Mountain View.

Shoreline Lake

The trail runs around Shoreline Lake, which was full of sailboats, paddle boats, and kayaks, all available for rental from the dock. The flotilla is not quite as obvious in this photo taken from the far side of the lake as it was when I got over to the other side.

Besides many geese and seagulls, there were also lots of people in the park taking advantage of the Father's Day clear weather to play in the sun.

Father's Day at Shoreline

Including a traditional family sport of a pickup game of cricket. I do love the Bay Area.

I'm sure the walking was good for me, but my legs are complaining about it today.
Tags: walking

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