Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Mousing About

This morning when I got up and went into the kitchen to start a cup of coffee, I heard a slight metallic clinking sound coming from the floor. Brief investigation narrowed it down to the non-lethal mouse trap. A mouse had found its way into the trap, could not get out, and was noisily trying to find a way out.

House Mouse

After getting dressed, I took the trap across the street to the field there, set it on the ground, and opened it. I expected the mouse to go shooting off like a rocket, but it was huddling in the entry, with only its tail sticking out into the main box. I had to set the box on its side and bang on it to get the mouse to let go and get out of the box. It landed in this bush, and instead of running away, it huddled there and started gnawing on it. That's okay with me.

I don't care what the mouse does as long as it does it away from the house. And given the number of feral cats around here, I wouldn't give the house mouse good odds for a long and happy life.
Tags: house

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