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Westercon 69 Day 2: Business Meeting Video

Here is the low-resolution video of the Westercon 69 Business Meeting. This is what's generated by the video camera's "proxy card" for immediate use, as opposed to the high-resolution native MXF files that require substantial post processing to make into a form I can upload to YouTube.

Among other things, the camera generates the video and audio in separate files that have to be merged back together. About the only software I've found that handles this without a bunch of intermediate steps is Adobe Premier, which is among the most expensive solutions out there.

As we did last year, we intend to upload the low-resolution files (like this one) of the Worldcon Business Meeting as each segment is complete. If we ever have time (and it takes a lot of time), we will generate higher-resolution files later.

The audio quality is the same in all versions of the file. Only the video quality is lower in these proxy files. Lisa went to a lot of effort to bring the whole tech kit down to the Ross Island Room (which had no sound gear of its own) so that we would have a microphone in the room. You can hear the difference between what talking into the microphone versus not is in this video. All of the other sound you hear other than people talking into microphones is what the camera's inboard mic was able to pick up.
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