Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Westercon 69 Day 3: Pansonic Panic

I left Lisa to sleep in this morning because we had no commitments early today, having dealt with the Westercon Business Meeting in the Ross Island Room yesterday morning. After breakfast, I retrieved my Charlie Stross books that I bought yesterday from Cargo Cult from the room and went downstairs to get ready for Charlie's Noon signing.

Just before Noon, Lisa appeared, in a lather. She found that the black Pelican case in which the accessories for the Panasonic P2 camera are stored did not make it back to the hotel room from the Business Meeting yesterday.

Tsuki Systems Camera Tech Box

This is the case in question.

Tsuki Systems Camera Tech

This is why the case is so important. That's the memory modules, power supply, and battery, plus assorted cables and connectors that make the camera work. Without these, the camera does not run.

While all of the pieces are eventually replaceable, it would cost us more than $1000 (including the case itself) to replace them all, and we need to have all of it in hand before we leave for Kansas City six weeks from now.

Lisa checked with the hotel front desk (lost and found), the convention's lost and found (both of them; there's confusion about the actual location), and with Big Tech in the ballroom (in case it can been mistaken for their kit). No luck. We submitted an item to the newsletter and I Tweeted a notice to be on the lookout for it.

At 12:55, the heavily-attended panel in the Ross Island Room let out, and as the room cleared, Lisa went inside to check for the box. A few minutes later, she emerged triumphantly carrying the case over her head. It wasn't where she'd left it (under the seats in the back row) but had been moved up to a chair at the head table.

We then went around and canceled all of the alerts and showed off the recovered box and returned it to the hotel room. What a relief!
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