Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Westercon 69 Day 3: Autograph Queues, Costumes, and Fan Tables

While Lisa was searching for the missing tech kit on Sunday at Westercon, I went to get my Charlie Stross books autographed.

Charlie Stross Autograph Queue

autopope initially had to limit people to a certain number of books each time through the queue (such as Wolfcat here dressed as Carmen Sandiego) due to the length of the queue, but he cleared it up pretty quickly and nobody was turned away.

After finding the missing kit, Lisa and I went to have lunch in the hotel bar, where we met joycemocha for a while. Joyce was one of the people without whom which the WSFS Business Meeting in Spokane would have been much more difficult, as she and her team of Sargents-at-Arms kept the meeting's logistics and people-moving aspects running smoothly.

There were once again a lot of great costumes about, but I only got a few pictures, and a few that I did take did not turn out correctly.

Dalek Dress

I liked this Dalek dress. She wasn't the only person who wore it today, but I shan't say more as I didn't get a picture of the other person I saw wearing it.

Gone Fishing

Look what they caught when they went fishing in the hotel pool!

Fans of All Ages

We were most taken with this trio of boys near the coffee stand.

After lunch, Lisa and I made a run to Safeway for some more groceries. Lisa then went off with scott_sanford on an errand (finding a Chase ATM to get enough money to buy a new pair of steampunk-style goggles). I spent a couple of hours sitting at the SJ in 2018 Worldcon bid table until 6 PM, when it was time to get ready to match the stars.
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