Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

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Turning the Corner

Today was much better than the past five or so days. The worst of the cold is past, although I still have a sore throat caused by the drainage.

One thing that's really worried me throughout this illness has been my blood sugar levels, which have been a bit elevated due to not being as active as I could be. Today, I felt well enough (and was able to steal enough time from the Big Project) to walk 2 km after breakfast, another 2 km after lunch, and a full 6 km Quarry Lakes Loop this evening. That's my first 10 km day in weeks! It will take more days like this before my blood sugar retreats back into the green zone.

I'm considering trying to work from my office tomorrow, although I do have to head down to San Jose for ConStruction that evening.

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